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Little Champions

What is the Best Age to Start Martial Arts? Here at Red Dragon Martial Arts we specialize in helping students as young as 3 years old develop amazing martial arts skills while increasing their levels of self discipline, concentration and perseverance. We also work on understanding special words of the month such as appreciation, respect, listening skills and many more. These lessons are designed to help at home and school as well as karate class

Family Classes

What would be better then training together with your children or maybe even achieving the goal of Black Belt together?? Martial Arts can help children with respect, listening skills, and can also be a great channel for all their extra energy! For adults, you don't have to drop your children off for class and then rush to the gym. You can relieve stress and get a great workout with your kids! Martial Arts is the PERFECT family activity for physical fitness, family bonding, and mental strength. Like we say, the family that kicks together sticks together!!

  • Little Champions Testimonial

    Cooper age 4

    We have been thrilled with karate class. I have to say that I was talked into karate classes by a friend. I was so impressed with Master P and all of his classes. I can see how completely engaged Cooper is. I thought 4 years old was too young. I clearly was mistaken. Thanks for enlightening me to the world of karate.
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